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Lighthouse Content Management System


  • Watch the Features Tour Video.
  • Virtually no learning curve. Our unique inline editing approach allows you to browse the website and update content using a front-end view of the site.
  • Easy WYSIWYG interface allows rich formatting of content without special programming knowledge.
  • Accommodates virtually any website design.
  • Ability to add advanced functionality, like e-commerce, member management, data capture, reporting, charting, etc.
  • Versioning and custom workflow to protect your content.
  • Target your audience through member types and social media integration.
  • Built-in features for search engine optimization.
  • Robust data management tools framework, allowing you to easily search, add, edit, delete, and export complex data.

Easy WYSIWYG Interface

  • Edit your site inline. No need to imagine how your content will look on the front end, as most content is managed using the front end’s look and feel. Lighthouse offers an easy-to-use interface that is friendly for even novice web users.
  • Built-in HTML Editor enables rich formatting of content without having to know HTML. Easy controls for font color, font size, tables, images, links, bold, italics, and other formatting functions.
  • Document upload capability allows you to post PDFs, Word documents, embedded videos, and other downloads.
  • Integrated spell-check features that include error detection and replacement suggestions.
  • Works on both PCs and MACs.

Versioning & Workflow

  • Secure with password-protected authorization to safeguard your content and limit administrative access to authorized staff.
  • Versioning capabilities to allow you to revert back to a previous version of any page on the site.
  • Workflow system allows you to set up two tiers of users - Authors who can add and edit content and Editors who must approve content before it can go live.
  • Based on the status, a person can have a work queue to see what pages need his/her attention. 


  • Each page can be classified as members-only, enabling you to offer content exclusively to valued audiences. User type capability also enables content targeting to specific audiences such as senior leadership, staff, members, partners, donors, customers, and other user types.
  • Full flexibility to set up as few or as many member types as you need.

Any Design, Any Size

  • The CMS accommodates virtually any design; it doesn't hem in the creative.

  • Styles are applied easily and often automatically. Links, titles, callouts, alignments, tables, bullets and other design elements are displayed in the proper colors, sizes and placement, as dictated by the designer.

  • Supports your site as it grows by allowing you to create new sections and an infinite level of sub-sections.
  • Robust feature set to support large scale sites, but affordable for medium and small scale web presences.
  • Each implementation is stand-alone and unique, allowing for complete customization of your site, without affecting other clients.

Social Media Integration

  • Social media - addThis/shareThis type functionality is easy to add, allowing you to incorporate Facebook, GooglePlus, Pinterest and other social media outlets quickly into your site.
  • Feeds from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  can be integrated to pull content directly from those feeds.
  • Integrate single sign-on with Facebook or LinkedIn to sychronize login with your site.

Manage Complex Data

  • Unlike other content management systems, which do a good job allowing users to create pages and add content, our CMS does this PLUS allows more advanced, data-heavy functionality like e-commerce, member management systems, all sorts of data capture, reporting, and charting.
  • Easily integratable, such as single sign-on, with third-party systems such iMIS, NetForum, Aptify, SalesForce, and other systems with APIs.

Powerful Search

  • Site-wide search allows your users to find content quickly via a keyword search.
  • Each page can be tagged with categories or keywords that can then be used in searching as a filter or in browsing (see related pages).
  • Search engine optimization - create search engine friendly URLs, browser titles, alt tags, dynamic XML sitemap.

Flexible Technology

Modern Signal's Lighthouse CMS is the perfect marriage of off-the-shelf software and a custom built site. It gives our clients the benefit of more than ten years of research and development without the hefty development costs and lengthy implementation time. But, unlike off-the-shelf software, Lighthouse does not box you into a corner:

  • Open source code allows for customizations and flexibility.
  • You will own the license to the source code and can implement customizations either through Modern Signal, or through your in-house or third-party developers. Most of our clients partner with us over many years and rely on us for all their technology needs, but they also feel reassured that they can turn to other developers as needed.
  • Lighthouse CMS is available in both and ColdFusion, both with Microsoft SQL Server as the back-end database. These are all popular industry standards for technology.


  • Modern Signal understands our business - from future needs to current limitations - so their solutions are always scalable, solid, and service-oriented.

    - National Association of Home Builders

  • I love working with Modern Signal! Their CMS is very easy to use and they are incredibly responsive to questions or challenges I bring them.

    - NALP

  • Modern Signal has been a great partner for us for over the past 10 years.  As our business grew and our needs changed, Modern Signal was able to work with us to adjust our website platform in the ever-changing online world.  Their service and response level has been second to none, and we've been never been happier with our relationship with them.

    - Charm City Run

  • Modern Signal significantly enhanced our site to be more efficient and user-friendly. They provide excellent customer service with timely and cost-effective solutions.

    - Center for Medicare Education

  • We wouldn’t have gotten where we are today without your support over the years.  Modern Signal has always been a great partner to us.

    - Kirk Gillis, Managing Director at Zoom Tanzania

  • Modern Signal worked with us to understand our needs and figure out what solution would work best for us. Our Lighthouse CMS is perfectly suited to our website goals. When we later needed to modify the CMS, they again took the time to understand exactly what was  needed and then built that functionality rather than delivering a cookie cutter solution.   

    - Ecosystem Investment Partners

  • This was by far the smoothest website redevelopment I have ever experienced. Modern Signal was a wonderful company to work with and we greatly value our working relationship. 

    - National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

  • Modern Signal has a professional staff that was very responsive to our needs during all phases - scoping, developing, implementing and maintaining - of our project.  We have been pleased with their ability to deliver quality work on time and on budget. If given the opportunity, I would work with them again.

    - The National Center for Safe Routes to School

  • I felt as if my company was their only client. They responded to my needs quickly and efficiently despite short turn around time and intense demands.

    - Teaching Strategies, Inc.